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Registration is open for Summer 2018!

The St. Margaret Sailing Club Junior Sail program provides kids ages 5-18 the opportunity to learn basic and advanced sailing skills. We offer 2 week and full month courses for students looking to spend their summers out on the water. Our lessons are held at the beautiful St. Margaret Sailing Club in Glen Haven, Nova Scotia.  

We strive to provide our young sailors with the latest equipment and professional instructors to make their sailing experience one of the best. Students are taught seamanship in a friendly classroom environment plus on the water sailing where they can practice their newly learned skills.

Youth Sailing

St. Margaret Sailing Club's Junior Sail programs are a great way to stay active and have fun this summer. Our programs allow young sailors to spend their summer days enjoying life on the water while developing sailing skills and lifelong friendships. Our courses are taught by Sail Canada (formerly Canadian Yachting Association) certified instructors who allow students to experience sailing in a fun-filled, challenging and safe manner.  All learn to sail classes run weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

  • All learn to sail classes run weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Membership isn't required for youth learn to sail programs (although we'd love to see you join)

The CANsail level requirements for each session have been prepared and posted online. We hope this will help the children understand the requirements at each level and what they need for each category to successfully pass and show proficiency with their instructor.

Please note - new this year we are charging an admin fee of $25 which must be paid for each student to cover their Sail Canada/NS sailing fee for the summer regardless of the number of sessions registered.  This is over and above the registration fee for the lesson.

Programs Offered

CANSail Checklist

SMSC Junior Sail Parent Guide Book


Meet Our Coaches

Filled with passion, enthusiasm, and great sailing skills... meet our Junior Sail program coaches!

(coming soon)


Sailing at SMSC has been the highlight of my summer for as long as I can remember, the welcoming environment and the supportive coaches made it easy to have fun while learning plenty of useful new skills.  Anyone who's considering sailing should definiately check it out.


Sailing has taught me the importance of teamwork.  I have gained self confidence in my abilities on the water and on land.  The positive energy around sailing is what brings me back each summer!


CANSail Checklists

The CANSail level requirements for each session are provided to help the children understand the requirements at each level and what they need for each category to successfully pass and show proficiency with their instructor.

Check out full details of each CANSail level requirements

CANSail Checklists

Single Week Sailing Policy

Each CANSail program is designed as a two-week session/period to allow the kids to get the full benefit. The first week teaches the essential skills, which are discussed and executed with application and practice continuing in the second week to build proficiency in each skill. As we hire and pay our coaches based on this two-week model, our priorty is to fill these sessions first.  Single weeks may be requested although placement is not a guarantee.  One week prior to the session start date is the earliest a sailor may be confirmed if space is available for a one week session in the requested sailing level and approval of the placement. If this is of interest to you please email learntosail@smsc.ca with the dates and class level and we will log and track for placement purposes.  A one-week session is only applicable to the first week of any program at a cost of $300.

Member Discounts

You can easily become a full or social member of SMSC and enjoy our facility and social programs that we offer on a weekly basis year round. To find out more about becoming a club member and to find out about our services see Members tab:

Social Family Membership discount:  10%

Family Membership discount:  25%

Discounts are provided at the end of the summer and after confirmation of a valid current membership.

Note that family memberships apply to one or two parents and their immediate children only.  Nieces, nephews, grandchildren are not included in a family membership.  

Junior Sail Refund Policy

Due to the costs associated with training staff, maintaining equipment and administrative costs SMSC will not offer refunds on any registration fees for any of our Learn to Sail camps. Refunds may be considered in the event of an active waiting list for the camp in question or in the case of physical injury or illness in which case a doctor's note will be required.  

For further information regarding the program, please contact:
Megan Harris - Director of Junior Sail at learntosail@smsc.ca

Drop Off and Pick Up

The Junior Sail Program starts everyday with drop off between 8:30 am and 9:00 am and pick up is from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm. 

Message from the Director

Hi everyone, my name is Megan Harris, and I am your volunteer Junior Sail Director. I have been involved with the SMSC board for multiple years now but am not a sailor.  

SMSC and sailing:  I have taken the adult set sail program offered at the club and highly recommend it to any parent wanting to understand what your children do during their sailing lessons.  The course is held on "keel boats", meaning bigger boats and no tipping, with a "skipper" who knows what she/he are doing on board.  A great way to start to learn...  

My two children have grown up around the club and what better place to spend your summer than in the sun and on the water sailing.  I took 420 lessons last summer with another mom and it was a great time as we got acquainted with the boat, rigging and in my case falling out and getting wet.  As a parent, watching the kid’s skill and confidence grow during sailing lessons is wonderful.

The Junior Sail course teaches teamwork, organization, strategy, pure physical strength, weather watching, tides to name only a few of the skills that the kids learn but the love and appreciation of our beautiful bay area and waters is pretty cool. Our bay is recognized as a world sailing contender. 

If you are wondering about age, size or experience for your children don't worry as we have programs and boats that will suit their needs, to have an enjoyable and memorable summer experience. Children of all ages and abilities have enjoyed SMSC and have returned summer after summer gaining skills at each level. I should say that we do offer private lessons for any adult or child wanting to develop their skills more or just to gain better confidence in a one on one environment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me by email at learntosail@smsc.ca. I will do my best to answer any question that you may have.  

St Margaret's Bay Sailing Club's Junior Sail programs are a great way to stay active and have fun this summer!