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Mooring Rentals & Services


The club manages a large mooring field containing about 43 moorings that are both member-owned and club-owned.

Mooring Rentals

Contact the club manager to inquire about the availability of club moorings.

Please note, regular tender service is not provided.

Mooring Rental Rates for 2019:

Type Rate (Plus Tax)
Seasonal $  472.50
Monthly $  236.25
Weekly $  105.00 
Daily $  10.50

Follow these steps to rent a mooring:

  1. Contact the "Club Manager" to confirm mooring availability.
  2. Complete SMSC's "Rental Agreement" and email a signed copy to the club manager.
  3. You can arrange payment via the club manager or go to "Make a Payment".
  4. Familurize yourself with where the assigned mooring is located via "SMSC Mooring Field Map".

Additional Information:

  1. We have a large sheltered T-shaped floating dock. The face of the wharf is about 50 feet long and is for loading or unloading and short term member boat
  2. Member-owned tenders, serving boats in the mooring field, are to be tied up on the north and east side walkways of the floating marina.


Mooring Services

Services Price (Plus Tax)       
Install/Drop Mooring Balls $  155.00
Dive Inspections $  155.00
Block Lift $  300.00
Complete Hardware Upgrade $  750.00

All services includes club resources, i.e. barge/skiff and implamentation