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Welcome to the St. Margaret Sailing Club
Friday Night Dinners
Written by Friday Night Dinners   

The TGIF evenings for the winter of 2016  - 2017 will see a continuation of the relaxed supper evenings where we all get to wine and dine with
our fellow sailing friends.  We will have the occasional bbq but most evenings will be a prepared meal where we won’t get cold  out on the

New this year we are going to try trivia nights on a monthly basis because we know there are competitive people in our club. You may be
introduced to the comedy of Mrs Browns Boys so prepare to laugh. Other ideas are still in the planning stage.

We will keep you informed of what's on the menu through regular Member emails and on the Club website Calendar or front page.   We ask that you please let us know if you will be attending any event no later then noon on Thursdays to enable us time to shop and prepare the food.  While we will try our best to accommodate drop ins for dinner, we do ask that you make every effort to give us at least one day's notice that you will be attending a Friday event.

O.D.'s are always wanted for TGIF events and while many Members have come forward and taken on a night or two to host a TGIF, we still have lots of Fridays available.   So, if you would like to volunteer for one or two Fridays throughout the coming year, please contact me and we can work out date/s that are good for you. The shopping is all done for you so the only commitment will be Friday late afternoon/evening, depending on the menu you choose.

Upcoming events to get us started include:

  • Volunteer Appreciation Night
  • The Commodores Party
  • Senior Fleet awards
  • Our first Trivia night
  • Curry and Dance night- a fundraiser for the IWK
  • Christmas party
  • Rum tasting
We hope that you come out and enjoy our TGIFs and we welcome all feedback. There will also be a suggestion box at the bar for any ideas or thoughts you may have to add to our TGIFs or to our club.

Kim Bottomley
Social Director
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )