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Welcome to the St. Margaret Sailing Club
Why Join Us?

The St. Margaret Sailing Club has recently expanded our facilities and programs, with a new Social Membership, new marina, and a new building (the SMSC Sailing Centre) to house training, race management and our junior sail program. Our expanded facilities greatly enhance our capacity to accommodate new members.

Who are we?

The club was originally formed by a group of like-minded individuals to create a not-for-profit organization embodying a “life of sail and knowledge of the sea”. It has grown from its early days of parents instructing children on their lawns to its present day location. We are not an elitist organization, but rather a member of the Bay community. We are very proud to be an organization run by volunteers who set our focus on what is important to our members. We also put the Bay area on the international map as a sailing destination by hosting world, regional, and national sailng regattas for which the club and its volunteers have won several awards.

What do we offer?

In addition to our facilities and programs, our number one asset would be our prime waterfront location on the Bay. The social aspects of our volunteer organization and programs for children are the icing on the cake.

Who can Join?

Anybody! The club membership hails from our general area, and includes all demographics and walks of life. We have Social and Regular memberships in single, family, intermediate and junior membership categories. You do not need a sailboat, as we welcome powerboats and all those who enjoy the water or just want or enjoy our many social activities.

Why should I join?

Many reasons, but the top candidates would likely be to enjoy the pristine waters of St. Margaret’s Bay, and to enrol your children in a program that will teach them skills to be used throughout their lives. There is no better way to capture the sentiment of “life is a beach” when enjoy yourself on one of the many islands in the bay.

Did you also know that our area is one of the fastest growing regions east of Montreal? This is due to the simple fact that the unspoiled waters of St. Margaret’s Bay offer recreation within a 20 minute drive to the city core. History has indicated that once marina facilities are made available to serve such areas, their membership quickly swells and waiting lists ensue. It may be best to act now.

I don’t have a boat, so is there anything for me?

Yes. Quite a few of our members simply crew on other member’s boats for sailing and racing activities.  Others join primarily to be active in our Junior Sail or the social aspects.

Is it expensive?

Not really when compared to other club memberships, and since we hold activities year-round, the value is not limited to a single season. We also now offer Social memberships.

As a high percentage of our members are landlocked, our unrestricted ocean access is far less expensive than purchasing and maintaining waterfront property or even renting for a week! Where else could you have access to 2+ acres of waterfront in St. Margaret’s Bay without paying property taxes, maintenance and high real estate fees?

In these troubling economic times, you could consider us the ultimate “staycation”.

How do I find our more Info?

For more info, contact Alex MacPhee, Commodore and Vice-Commodore (Membership). We would be delighted to give a private tour and showcase our club. Ideally, it will become your club.

Join Us

Heard enough and want to join us? Membership fees and applications are here.